Network Review

The purpose of a company-wide IT System Review is analogous to a health check. Is your system running at its maximum efficiency? Are your antivirus definitions updating regularly? Do you have a current backup? These and many other questions are critical to ensuring your IT infrastructure and processes are in compliance with your company policy and in alignment with your business needs. 4Sight’s network review process will check all of your system’s critical components and prepare a comprehensive report detailing exactly what is going on in your network.

4Sight will review:

  • Network Topology
  • System Configurations
  • System Patch levels
  • Firewall rules
  • Security
  • IT Processes
  • Backups

Although the audit is only intended as an overview of your system, it can help you focus on possible areas of concern, while reassuring you about aspects that are sound. You decide what you want to do and the time frames for completion. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your system, or to arrange a Network Review, please contact us.

Our Services Span IT

  • Network Review
  • Service and Support
  • Strategic Planning/Project Management
  • Disaster Planning and Backup
  • Security