Disaster Planning/Business Continuity

Disaster Planning

The dreaded possibility of a disaster lurks behind every complex IT infrastructure. Power outages, floods, and other disasters can have serious effects on your Web-based and network business activities. 4Sight is ready to offer assistance and to be on site when needed. We also offer extensive disaster recovery planning and system audit services to help avoid disruptions of any type.


Backups are a key, but often ignored, component of a well-run IT infrastructure. 4Sight’s backup solution takes the guesswork out of backups. Down servers can be virtualized in MINUTES – eliminating downtime and ensuring profitability. Backups can be taken of your servers as often as every 5 minutes, eliminating long nightly backup windows and ensuring the latest data is always backed up. The backup data is automatically encrypted and sent off-site to two SAS70 Type II certified Data Centers. In the case of a complete disaster your servers can be virtualized ‘in the cloud’ so that your business doesn’t miss a beat.

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