4 Sight GroupToday's nonprofit organizations are focused on achieving their missions, often with limited staff and resources. Finding affordable technology tools and services can be overwhelming. 4Sight understands the needs of non-profit organizations and is here to help. 4Sight has worked with a number of non-profits to maximize the value of their computer networks, balancing affordability with performance. 4Sight will also work with vendors to get special charity pricing for the latest products.

4Sight excels at designing information technology solutions that meet the unique and ever-changing needs of non-profit organizations. We are proud to serve clients in this sector. 4Sight also offers proactive management of your IT systems to ensure you’re always up and running. We are at your disposal to perform future enhancements and ongoing support. We understand that your organization has limited resources, and we’ll work with you to identify the optimal IT strategy for the budget you have available.


“IT issues will always come up but with 4SIGHT they come infrequently and are solved quickly. 4SIGHT is like the best IT manager under employ without the hassle. Every new challenge is met with knowledge and expertise."

Rev. Tom Laymon
Sunday Breakfast Missionn