About Us

The 4Sight Group's primary goal is to deliver excellent customer service. We do this by encouraging our people to demonstrate a "whatever it takes" attitude. This attitude and discipline ensure we deliver and follow through on all deliverables. At the core of the team is a Team Leader who manages this process. This Team Leader is the champion for our clients and is charged with marshalling resources of the 4Sight Group to ensure customer satisfaction from proposal process through the life of the contract. At 4Sight, our service delivery model is centered on an unmatched combination of people, process and technology driven by your business needs. With many years of combined experience, we have developed an accountability model based on our most successful practices. Each element addresses key areas of the client relationship and has enabled us to define the new standard for IT outsourcing.

Let Us Help Your Business Succeed with IT


We are ready to analyze your present hardware and software systems and to make recommendations for more efficient, fully integrated systems, if these would be to your advantage. If you already have a large investment in IT, we are also prepared to maintain and support your present systems.

Our Services Span IT

  • Network Review
  • Service and Support
  • Strategic Planning/Project Management
  • Disaster Planning and Backup
  • Security